Role of an academic mentor

More than just a professional activity, mentoring is a trusted relation between a mentor and mentee and also a commitment. Mentoring has roots in Greece, where in ancient times young men were imparted with spiritual, social and personal values. Mentoring began in higher education during the 70s in America and slowly crept into other fields like corporate training and other sectors.

A perfect mentoring relation strives for mutual benefit and needs full confidence on each other. During academic life, a teacher or a professor works with students to develop the talent, confidence and skills among students. A skilled mentor imparts knowledge to students, debates on and discussed various ideas, recommends resources and guides towards a better path. The mentor diminishes stress and fear among students by providing them proper guidance, helping them choose the right careers path, discuss about the positives and negatives of the decisions they take. Thus, mentors help them in every aspect.

Mentoring creates confidence among students as they know that there is someone who cares about them and will help to face the challenges. Mentoring helps in improving self esteem among students and also develops their skills. Hence, by taking support from a mentor, students can stand out from the crowd by following the valuable suggestions.


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