Guidance regarding the Methodology of Research

Dissertation India has been opened with the objective of helping researchers and PhD students in their research work. One of the main objectives of doing research is to determine the methodology that is to be used in the study, and not to implement the methodology on the basis of available data. However, in most cases, students and researchers follow the second approach as it is easier, but that can cause hindrance in the actual research, which in the course of time may lose its prominence. Before starting a research, a research question needs to be framed based on which the variables are decided, and then the nature of data is confirmed. After following all these, the methodology to be implemented needs to be determined. Experts at Dissertation India help researchers and students to determine the methodology as per their research ideas.

Two types of research methodologies are mainly available, that is, quantitative and qualitative. The researcher needs to decide upon which method to be used depending on the objective and design of the research. Several methodologies are again accessible under these two categories, and we help them in deciding it.

  • Quantitative methodology:

Quantitative methodology is a methodical pragmatic examination of societal phenomena with the use of numerical, statistical, or mathematical data. It includes regression analysis, which involves advanced order of empirical procedures; vector auto-regression analysis, which is primarily used for setting up casual relation among variables under scrutiny; and also matrix algebra analysis which is an effective method of analyzing complete set of panel or cross-sectional data.

  • Qualitative methodology:

Qualitative methodology is mainly used for analyzing and understanding human behaviour in different aspect of society. It includes factor analysis, which deals with the legitimacy and dependability of questionnaire used in any survey and reduces redundancy; box plot analysis represents data with regard to array, mean, and inconsistency; lastly, interview coding involves analyzing interviews for ontological research.

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