Essay Vs Dissertation

A student has a close relationship with essays and dissertations. From the beginning of his or her higher studies and until the final semester ends, he or she has to write various essays and dissertations. What is the difference between an essay and a dissertation? Let us find out –

• Both are academic documents that are composed by students in their graduation or post graduation degree and research programs.
• Essays are normally written during semester examinations, in which students have to give descriptive (or essay like) answers to questions. And, and dissertation is more close to research, study or survey. Students have to prepare dissertation on a given topic, and submit it at its due deadline.
• Essays are generally based on course module, but dissertations are written after thorough research. Without doing research, dissertation can never be completed.
• Essays are more close to literature, while dissertations are close to facts and results found via in-depth research. However, in dissertation, students have to maintain literary standards in their texts.
• Essays are usually based on a topic or subject, and a student has to give or explain the topic. But when writing a dissertation on a given or chosen topic, a research scholar has to formulate an interesting text, mentioning all the factors and previous studies. Dissertations are based on new findings or research.
• Dissertations seeks the point of view of the author, however, essays should be based on common facts and factors.
• Essays are shorter in comparison to dissertations, theses, and research papers.
• Students have to complete their essays in said word limit (in general 500 words). But there is no words’ limit for dissertations and other research documents. It is up to the student to utilize as many words as he or she wants.

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