Make use of appropriate method to validate your research

While the main aim of writing a dissertation is to bring out the actual meaning of the topic discussed it often becomes quite a difficult and complicated task in choosing an appropriate method for doing the same. It is essential for every graduate looking to complete their research work to know about the various dissertation types that can be undertaken to complete their dissertation work successfully. There are personal, academic and practical reasons for choosing any one of the available types over another.

The Quantitative method makes use of replication-based studies, data-driven dissertations and theory-driven research routes to reach a conclusive decision to the dissertation writing process. The Qualitative method, on the other hand, includes autoethnographies, ethnographies, case study research, phenomenological research and narrative research routes to accomplish the basic purpose of the dissertation process. Finally, the mixed method dissertation combines both the quantitative and the qualitative approaches to assist research scholars to reach the final destination. This method is increasingly used by scholars due to the following reasons:

  • It provides better research content by collecting quantitative and qualitative data and then analyzing and interpreting the data for better results.
  • It makes use of multiple research phases, primarily through qualitative research to explore a topic and uncover major themes and then using quantitative research through measuring the relationships between them.

However, users of this method should analyze the research goals carefully to ensure proper application of the combination of two research types.

Factors influencing choice of type

The choice of a particular type over the other is influenced by a number of factors. While some are academic others tend to be more practical or personal in nature. Academic justifications are necessary because the advisor will expect such justifications in the final output. Such justifications include factors that are more theoretical or philosophical in nature addressing a particular research idea or problem. Personal and practical justifications are important to ease out the dissertation process. Such justifications help the user to address the uncertainty issues involved in the dissertation process. The choice of method will determine the major findings, recommendations and conclusions generated in the dissertation process. The research report must pin point the objectives on the basis of which the research work was carried out and the manner in which it was accomplished. This can be done only by logically structuring, organizing and clearly expressing the topic researched upon.

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