Significance of Literature Review in a Thesis

Dissertation India is an organization where students and researchers are helped in writing all parts of their thesis or dissertation or research paper from its initiation to the end, that is from writing a thesis proposal to writing the whole thesis. There are different parts of writing a thesis as it includes different chapters like introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis of result, conclusion etc. However, before writing a thesis or doing a research, the researcher has to find a research gap and basing on that he must build up the arguments focusing the problem.

In research communities, literature review is frequently defined as “Standing on the Shoulder of a Giant.” This means that in order to support a research gap a researcher has to build up a review of the existing literatures on the area so that, depending on that, it is possible for the researcher to defend his or her research gap.

The main issue related to writing a literature review is that the researcher finds it very difficult to understand from where he or she should start the review as a backbone of their research. It is herein that our experts guide them and help them in framing their literature review. Some guidelines suggested by our experts in different subjects are that while writing a literature review the researcher can design it in a chronological manner or thematically. Both the ways help the researcher to ground the thesis on a strong platform from which the rest of the chapters can be build simultaneously. Dissertation India has, therefore, also designed special services for clients where they can directly contact the expert of the subject area with their problems.

Therefore, if you are finding any problem related to writing the literature review of your thesis, please do contact us at We will be pleased to help you with your thesis or research work.

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