Dissertation Abstract and Its Importance

For any academic student, the dissertation is perhaps one of the vital research papers to be written for demonstrating the research, analytical and writing skills. The paper not only shows your proficiency in the field on which you have chosen to write but also acts as an evaluating factor for the future employers in order to hire you for the similar projects of their own. Therefore, it is essential for you to write a professional and methodological dissertation with the help of your institution guidelines.

One of the most important components of your dissertation is the abstract. It is typically a précis of the important aspects that your research paper covers. For almost 99.9% of the readers and reviewers, the dissertation abstract is the first impression of your research paper. This is because it will give them a brief but comprehensive idea of what they will be reading in the upcoming pages. Therefore, the abstract needs to be quite interesting and inspiring to convince the reader to go through your paper. In short, the Abstract needs to be the excellent component of your dissertation. Even the university professors and review panel will need to have you fulfill high standards for ensuring a quality dissertation abstract.

Moreover, your abstract shall play a vital role in giving what the future scholars want, while they perform a research on a dissertation topic that is similar to yours. This is the reason why your abstract should have the major keywords. With such words, the researcher can quickly scan your document for getting the desired references. The same keywords can also help a publisher to determine the eligibility of your paper in other publications.

With no more than 400 words, a dissertation abstract should be concise and unambiguous enough to explain the problem that the paper tackles, the techniques utilized in the research, the outcome obtained and the conclusions made. Usually, its structure should emulate the composition of the whole dissertation by revealing all the key elements. For instance, if the dissertation has chapters such as introduction, literature review, methodology and results; the abstract should contain one or more statement to sum up each chapter clearly.

Typically, the most common fault made while writing an abstract is the failure to include results. Therefore, do not forget to include them. In fact, the last half of the abstract should sum up as well as interpret the results.


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